Wifi Marketing Analytics Top 5 Benefits

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wifi marketing analytics

Benefits of Wifi Marketing Analytics

WiFi analytics tools can be enabled over an existing network.

Accessed via cloud services that help maintain the operability of your network, in-store guest WiFi analytics can help you with salient information from your service users that assists you to build an extraordinarily detailed customer profile. Just like website analytics that provide data regarding web traffic and visitor engagement, WiFi analytics offers a platform that invites customer data in real-time.

Gather personal details such as name, age, and gender from login splash pages and watch customers interact with your premises; offering insights into footfall, frequency of visits, and even a customer’s social interests. Cloud-based WiFi analytics tools introduce a centralized reporting dashboard that helps you make sense of collated data.

1.) Running promotions

Encouraging customer engagement with your in-store WiFi marketing analytics puts your business in a unique position to send direct promotional deals to your customers.

Direct your clients to web pages that offer additional services or products. And, based on previous data for returning customers, send personalized promotions based on past interactions.

Hotels, for example, might send WiFi users to room service splash pages or create an additional revenue stream through third-party sponsorships.

2.) Gather customer feedback

Direct your customers to feedback splash pages during their visit, accurately gathering information about their experience.

You can also integrate surveys into your WiFi management dashboard, helping you to monitor feedback and resolve any issues.

3.) Tailor your marketing

Gathering customer data helps you to understand client needs. By location-tracking your customers while on your WiFi network, you gather valuable insight into the parts of your store that get used the most. You can recognize individual behaviours by footfall while ascertaining the frequency of customer visits.

An understanding of how customers are engaging and interacting with your services provides a tremendous amount of information regarding a customer’s marketing preference, helping you fine-tune your sales strategies.

4.) Reinforce and strengthen your wifi marketing channels

Your marketing efforts are only as good as the data and communication technology your team use to analyze and learn from.

When customers give you their email addresses and/or mobile number during the login process, they hand over a direct means of contacting them to follow-up their visit.

For example, if you found that they lingered in a specific section of your store – say, for example, in the training shoe aisle – it provides a clear indication that they’re on the market for new shoes.

Having their email address or phone number gives you a channel to push product-specific special offers to them.

5.) Linking real-world guest wifi analytics with online platforms

If you have an online presence as well as a physical store, you have a real opportunity to maximize customer engagement by combining data from both environments. If you know that a customer has explored specific products in-store, you can offer online discounts that are likely to convert that investigatory browse into a sale.

Whether it’s a cafe, a supermarket, a shopping mall or a cinema, you’re missing out on valuable user data if you’re not using WiFi analytics to assess the preferences and behaviours of your customers. Still unsure on which guest wifi solution to choose from. Get in touch with us so we can help you in creating an exceptional customer experience loaded with personalisation to drive customer loyalty towards your brand. Choose a guest wifi solution that benefits you and is easy to use for your marketing teams.

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