The retail industry has been affected by the digital transformation for several years now and attempting to effectively respond to the ever-growing expectations of modern customers.

With the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically disrupting the sector, the need to adopt fresh approaches becomes even more vital. It is no wonder that innovative solutions such as virtual dressing mirrors without the need to have changing rooms are gaining popularity among fashion retailers.  Thus, smart mirrors, previously used only by a few brands, now have a chance to become a standard part of the new shopping experience.

Never get undressed again.

The virtual changing room eliminates the need to get undressed and try on various clothing to check the best fit. For busy shoppers, this can be a much more enjoyable experience as they can virtually try on more garments in 3D AR on a Smart Mirror in less time.

Technologies like augmented reality are especially useful in times of covid19, where the retailers can offer a seamless and frictionless shopping experience to its shoppers inside retail stores.

If consumers are presented with an authentic representation of themselves and see how the clothing fits their skin tone, body shape, height etc. – they are more likely to buy the product, so the sales increase.

By having access to the data from virtual changing rooms, retailers can collect real-time behavioural information to have more clues on how - and what - to market to their clients.

Inventory planning becomes much easier – thanks to analyzing shopping patterns, merchants can have a better grasp of what exactly to keep in stock for consumers.

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Key Benefits:

  • Virtually try on many clothing at one go on a smart mirror
  • Reduce Shopping Friction
  • Accurate Body Measurement
  • Real Time 2D/3D Virtual Fitting
  • Realistic 3D Garments
  • Touchless Experience
  • Increase Sales Conversions
  • Position yourself your brand as a leader in industry
  • Popularize your brand via social sharing
  • Collect valuable data & insights about your shoppers likes and preferences
  • Align marketing campaigns effectively
  • Omnichannel experience with virtual try-ons (connect your ecommerce instore)
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