Attract, Convert and Delight In-Store Shoppers with Smart Mirrors Apps and Solutions. Create an Engaging, Smart and Digitally Interactive Store.

Tell your Product Stories in Different Ways

Smart Mirrors are a customer-facing digital platform where retailers showcase curated content to attract shoppers to their featured products. Each design template is designed specifically to tell a story of the product in its intended way.



  1. Virtual Shelf: As part of the endless aisle strategy, virtual shelf extends the physical retail space to showcase more products in store.

  2. Featured Product: Showcase products in one-to-one ratio, good for catching shoppers’ attention from far

  3. Shop The Look: Creates shoppers’ interest and encourages impulse purchases by providing direct links to the products for achieving a certain look.

  4. Bargain Bin: Using vibrant design and direct manner to ensure that the clearance sale is not to be missed by shoppers.

  5. In-store Sales Assistance & Guided Sales Tool
  6. In-Store Web Browser Showcases 1000+ Products....Read more


Viewing Analytics to Gauge Advertising Effectiveness

Powerful analytics which allows store managers to quickly identify the real problems and come out with actionable plan to improve the advertising effectiveness. All interactions are measured and reported in real-time, including
  • No. of views per ads,
  • No. of view per video
  • No. of walk-by
  • Average engaged time etc.

Full Control via A Simple Control Panel

magic mirror-system overview Smart Mirrors comes along with an enterprise-class digital signage system to upload, schedule, and distribute the digital content remotely to different units from a central location. Read more

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