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The people counting solution industry has gone through a lot of changes. As an end buyer, it might seem daunting when it comes to choosing the right solution for your environment setting. We at Araya Solutions have been assisting customers in Dubai, UAE in choosing the right people counting solution that not only offers higher accuracy but is also easy to integrate with the existing infrastructure.

A people counting solution without robust reporting serves little purpose in the long run and has been an existing challenge and concern for a lot of customers using previous generation technologies. The cost of ownership of some solutions is higher in regards to the value proposition that is being offered.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of our people counting solution

a.) Scalable Technology

When we talk about scalable technology, we are referring to the extent that a system is capable of coping with increasing volumes of work.

  • Does the existing system have the capacity to accommodate more advanced features and give further reporting?

This question is now been extensively posed by customers when it comes to choosing the right people counting solution.

Spending on a solution that cannot be expanded beyond its set parameters to accommodate more advanced features in the future leaves a lot of retailers with the solution that loses its sheen and becomes obsolete very soon.

Our solution scalability benefit is being enjoyed by our existing customer base as we continuously release new features to our people counting solution keeping it updated with new reports for further drill down into the data.

b.) Measure Marketing Campaigns In-Store

Most CEO’s and Marketing Managers have no information and visibility on how successful their marketing campaign is. By only relying on POS sales data, true campaign effectiveness can’t be measured. With our footfall solution, marketers are able to have the visibility on each marketing campaign that they carry out and measure its success rate by comparing historical trends of footfall data. Our system also generates reporting for marketers if they want to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. Be it an ATL campaign activity or BTL or mix of both our system helps you quantify your marketing spend.

c.) Cost of Ownership

Our people counting solution with advanced features is competitively priced among other technologies available. The robust reporting available in our system is easy to understand and be readily consumed by different roles within an organization. The cost of deploying and running our system is comparatively lower than other technologies that are charging a high premium for every new report or offering separate add-ons as a new service to their people counting solution.

d.) Staff Planning  

People counting systems can also help you to optimize and appropriately allocate manpower.

  • By knowing how many shoppers typically enter your store at a specific day or time, any organization will know how many employees to schedule.
  • Having an adequate shopper-to-associate ratio is very important during peak shopping times. It ensures that each shopper is able to get the service and support that they need, thus increasing selling opportunities and improving the in-store experience. It also gives your employees the opportunity to offer them excellent in-store expertise.

e.) The accuracy of People Counting Data

Something that cannot be measured cannot be improved further. Our people counting solution gives you the added benefit of data accuracy audits that are conducted at different intervals after the system has been deployed so that you can rest assured on the system working efficiently. This also creates a transparent working environment for staff working on the ground that the system is not creating noise and reporting inaccurate data. A lot of legacy systems have no features available to quantify the data accuracy of their systems and without this feature, most of these systems tend to become more support dependent then working independently.

At the beginning of this article, we spoke about how choosing the right people counting technology could be daunting. If you are looking at making these assessment’s and need assistance we will be happy to assist you in making the right decision.

Our methodology is to understand your requirement after studying your environment and provide you with the best people counting solution that meets IT & Business needs of your establishments.

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