Location and Presence Analytics for Venues

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Location and Presence Analytics
Hot & Cold Zones – Heatmaps for Venues

Understand customer movement with location and presence analytics & proximity marketing

Identify footfall, high dwell areas, bottle necks, and even queue lengths to optimize your physical spaces

Why do you need to embed location and presence analytics data into your venue (shopping mall, retail store or public venue)?

Whether it’s a shopping mall, public venue, airports or smart cities. Offering Guest WiFi access has become a must to enhance visitor and customer experience. if not, you’re missing out on valuable user data if you’re not using WiFi analytics to assess the preferences and behaviors of your customers.

location and proximity software is integrated over WiFi networks and uses de-identified MAC address ‘signals’ to understand how visitors move around your venue. We also use geo-fencing technology which allows you to create zones for specific areas of your venue, such as a new clothing range or food stall, to establish footfall journeys within your store for different customer segments.

Location and Presence Analytics -Realtime data
Realtime Presence Data

Discover actionable insights on visitors inside and outside your stores. Visualize first time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heatmaps, and the complete conversion funnel. Set and compare the performance of your campaigns.

Location and Presence Analytics - Walkpath reports
Path Analysis

With the use of an easy-to-use cloud based intelligent AI based interface provide real-time analytics and heatmaps across all your venues. Slice and dice metrics across your properties in ways that make sense for your business. Track key objectives across all locations and obtain complete visibility on shopping behaviour. Location and Presence Analytics Software embeds with your environment to give you real time results.

Location and Presence Analytics - heatmaps
Heatmaps for venues

Allowing a customer to log-in to your in-store WiFi network gives you a glut of data. And that data can be monitored, helping you ascertain optimal store layout while understanding customer engagement patterns.

Location and presence data analytics provides more intelligence than just x and y. Yes, it can tell you how many people visit your venue, but did you know it can also be used to track visitor movement throughout your venue? Opening the doors for proximity marketing, way-finding, personalized customer engagement and more. The data can also feed into various systems such as loyalty programs and apps to improve the customer experience.

Venue Insights are delivered by Heatmaps, Zone Analytics, Realtime Footfall Data

Empowering the operations and the marketing teams to learn more about their venue performance with is extremely crucial in today’s business environment.

Location and Presence Analytics - Campaign Manager
Campaign Analytics
wifi analytics

Don’t Miss Out on information you already have.

Whether it’s a cafe, a supermarket, a shopping mall or a cinema, you’re missing out on valuable user data if you’re not using WiFi analytics to assess the preferences and behaviours of your customers. Still unsure on which guest wifi solution to choose from. Get in touch with us so we can help you in creating an exceptional customer experience loaded with personalisation to drive customer loyalty towards your brand. Choose a Guest WiFi Solution that benefits you and is easy to use for your marketing teams.

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