Interactive Digital Signage

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Static Digital Signage are a thing of the past..!!

Don’t you agree?

Traditional digital signages do not offer more than a beautiful screen in a retail environment. The new age retail is all about customer engagement and creating a wow experience.

For retailers who are looking at incorporating digital signage for store digitisation, omni channel experience and merging online retail experience with physical retail: An interactive digital signage or smart mirror in dubai, with multiple applications is proving to be a favourable option.

Let’s look into some of the features our interactive smart mirror solution has to offer to retailers.

In-Store Web Browser Showcases 1000+ Products

Not limited by the physical retail space for digital signage, Smart mirror is able to showcase thousands of products which is available in your online store, maximizing the probability of capturing shoppers’ interests. Just add a URL link to the web of your online store and shoppers can start browsing!

Virtual Shelf Endless Aisle Display

Our interactive mirror for retailers acts as an extension of the physical shelf space. Virtual Shelf is used to display wider range of product designs that could not be displayed in the physical shelf in store.

virtual shelf magicmirror

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Our interactive mirror acts as a self-service kiosk for shoppers to sign up for membership or to look up their own loyalty information, membership points, gift redemptions by swiping membership card at the dock or key in their membership ID.

It can also be used as a comment box where your shoppers can leave their feedback verbally or in the format of texts. This feature really enhances the customer experience within the retail setting as customers don’t have to wait at the cash tills to check their loyalty cards point balance.


Connected Retail Experience

Virtual Fitting Room 

Stay ahead of other competitors by bringing the convenience and speed of the online shopping experience into the store. Virtual fitting allows shoppers to virtually try-on tons of outfits in less than a minutes and catch a glimpse of how these clothing fit.


Bring Social Shopping into Store

Shoppers can share their outfits comparison photos to social media platforms or email directly from the Mirror, getting votes for their perfect looks. This feature creates a fun environment for retail customers and in turn also increases the dwell time of customers, in return leading to more sale opportunity.

Personal Style Suggestions by Product Genie

Imagine walking into the stores and being greeted by a kiosk: “Hello, it’s great to see you. Here are some of the matching items with your blue dress.” 

Our interactive mirror  is incorporated with a product recommendation engine where it is able to detect shoppers’ attributes such as gender, age group, their current outfit, etc. and give immediate fitting and style suggestions that may interest them.


Viewing Analytics to Gauge Advertising Effectiveness

A powerful analytics manager allows store management to analyze customer behavior to determine which digital content delivers the best retail results, quickly identify the real problems and come out with actionable plan to improve the advertising effectiveness. All interactions are measured and reported in real-time, including

No of view per ads
No. of views per video
No. of walk-by
Average engaged time

We have just listed some of the features of our interactive smart mirror for retailers in Dubai. To learn more drop us an inquiry at [email protected].


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