In-Store Magic Mirror for Makeup Solution

In a post Covid19 world makeup testers are being removed inside stores due to strict sanitary guidelines for combatting the spread of covid-19. This has caused a great challenge for beauty retailers as their customers can no longer try makeup products in-store.

How do you solve this challenge?

World-known beauty retailers across the globe had already embarked on their digital transformation journey’s even before covid19 to make shopping an easy and connected experience for their GenZ and Millenial shoppers. However, it is now more than ever a must for beauty retailers to provide digital smart mirrors or magic mirrors for makeup solutions to help boost consumer confidence and sales.


Virtual Makeup Mirror

Safe Alternative to In-Store Makeup Testers

No more waiting time, no more using testers in-store. Consumers can still try the products virtually before they buy as conventional in-store makeup samples are currently deemed unsafe and unsanitary.

Available on Smart Magic Mirrors, Tablets, and Custom Screens

For In-store Shoppers

  • Try multiple looks instantly
  • Have a safe & engaging experience
  • Improved shopper journey
  • Get product recommendations
  • Checkout instantly
  • Hand gesture interaction
  • Data Analytics related to customer engagement

The future of retail is here. Explore the possibilities now