People Counter Systems, How do they help us?

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What are People Counters?

If you are a Retailer, a Shopping mall or Individual Store, you have probably experienced People Counter projects which costs you lots of dollars. With slow returns and long drawn out implementation plans.

Well, guess what we are here to break some old myths and give you some good news.

With the advent of technology and smart use of IoT devices; businesses can now measure people behaviour inside their Retail Space in real time.

In-Store Wifi Analytics, People Counters and Wifi Analytics devices also known as IoT devices are smart devices that are installed at various places within your retail space, primarily the door entrances and inside the stores that collect visitor/shopper data seamlessly without intervention.


This data is then converted into meaningful insights by applying intelligent algorithms, business logic and awesome data visualization techniques to deliver dashboards that help

  • Business Owners
  • CEOS
  • CMO’s
  • Marketing Managers
  • Store Managers

quickly understand the performance of their retails spaces and understand shopper behaviour.

Here are some very important business questions these intelligent people counter devices can help answer.

  1. Outside Traffic – (yes now you can actually track how many people just pass by your retail space without walking in)
  2. Footfall Count (In and Out Count of Shoppers and Visitors)
  3. Dwell Time (Time spent inside the store)
  4. Cross Shopping
  5. Returning Customers
  6. Sales Conversions versus Footfall 
  7. Staff Allocations during Peak Hours
  8. Staff elimination from reports
  9. Marketing Effectiveness
  10. Time trend Performances

Time and time again, we have met with retailers and have faced the same questions; the dire lack of visibility in real time.

With the challenging economic times and the fast pace of competition in brick and mortar retailers need to be proactive in making real-time decisions. With our people counter solution in Dubai, UAE retailers are benefitting from getting real-time insights and are making informed decisions with store planning and staff allocations.

What cannot be Measured, cannot be Improved

However, you need to do some research and factor in some  key points   before choosing the right technology that is cost- effective and scable in the future.. Not all Retail People Counters are scalable.

Cost of ownership versus lifetime value?
How does the device collect data? Infrared, bluetooth beacons, Wifi, thermal overhead systems?
How easy is it to install and manage?
Are these people counting devices able to provide you with instant data access?
Download this deck of dashboards that will give you an insight into what kind of reports and dashboards can be made available to the decision makers with the adoption of our latest people counting system in Dubai for retailers.Reports-dashboards-Wifi-Analytics

Oh download here and don’t forget to Share 🙂

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