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Smart Mirrors in Retail Stores Boost Customer Experience

Customer engagement, enhanced loyalty programs, omnichannel. These are all methods being leveraged in an effort to breathe new life into brick-and-mortar retail. As…
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People Counting Solution Benefits

    The people counting solution industry has gone through a lot of changes. As an end buyer, it might seem daunting when…
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Important Questions People Counter System Should Answer

If you are a Retailer, a Shopping mall or Individual Store, you have probably experienced Business Intelligence projects which costs you lots of dollars. With slow returns and…
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How people counting system works?

How people counting system work for retailers? In this competitive retail industry, business managers do not know how to increase their profit margins,…
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Common questions around People Counting Solutions?

9 Common Questions around People Counting Solution We are compiling a list of the questions that the clients normally present to us in our…
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