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Elevate Your Business with Araya Solution’s Background Music Solution

In the world of business, every detail matters. From the layout of your store to the quality of your customer…
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Guest Wifi

7 features your guest Wi-Fi must have for 2023

The ability to gather feedback from customers Information gathered at the point of experience is 40% more accurate than feedback…
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Virtual Try on luxury

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Retail

AR has become increasingly popular in retail, allowing brands to create immersive and interactive experiences for customers. In this blog…
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background music for hotels in dubai

Are you tired of the same old elevator music playing in your hotel’s lobby?

Are you looking to elevate the atmosphere and create a more inviting space for your guests? Look no further! Background…
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AR jewellery

Unleash the Magic of Virtual Try-On: Discover the Latest Trends in AR Jewellery Shopping for 2023

Virtual Try-on Jewelry with AR The use of augmented reality (AR) in the jewelry industry is quickly becoming one of…
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background music for cafes and restaurants

How to find the best background music solution for your hotel in UAE

Are you tired of the same old elevator music playing in your hotel's lobby? Are you looking to elevate the…
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Radio for Stores

Benefits of playing Curated Music in your Retail Store

Before we delve into the benefits of playing music in your retail stores or shopping malls, let's understand what is…
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Guest WiFi with Social login Increases Login Rates

Why Guest Wifi with Social Login? Having a Guest Wifi with Social login is a great way of increasing login rates.…
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guest wifi for hotels

Guest Wifi Solution Benefits For Hotel

Why is Guest WiFi for Hotels a Must-Have? Identifying your guests has never been more important as guests have come…
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Location and Presence Analytics for Venues

Hot & Cold Zones - Heatmaps for Venues Understand customer movement with location and presence analytics & proximity marketing Identify…
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