Benefits of playing Curated Music in your Retail Store

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Before we delve into the benefits of playing music in your retail stores or shopping malls, let’s understand what is curated music?

Curated music refers to a selection of songs or tracks that have been carefully chosen by someone, usually with a specific theme or purpose in mind. This could be for a playlist on a music streaming service, a radio station, or a retail store, for example. A curator might consider factors such as the mood, genre, and popularity of the songs when creating a playlist, in order to achieve a desired effect or to appeal to a particular audience. A curator understands your customer’s persona and tries to create a wonderful music experience in your establishment.

There are several reasons why retail stores should play curated music playlists for the shoppers, customers. We are summing up the top benefits.

  1. Music can create a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience for customers in a retail store, hotel lobby or shopping mall.
  2. A carefully chosen playlist can help set the mood and atmosphere of the store, which can influence how customers feel and behave. This also affects the buying decisions of the customers.
  3. Music can help to mask background noise and create a more peaceful shopping environment.
  4. Research suggests that music can affect how long customers stay in a store and how much they spend.
  5. A well-curated playlist can also help to reflect the store’s brand and personality.

Overall, playing music in a retail store or hotel lobbies can be a simple and effective way to create a more positive and engaging experience for customers.

We at Araya solutions can assist you in creating a curated music experience for your retail store in Dubai, UAE. We also work in curating and implementing background music for hotel lobbies in dubai.

It is a simple and effective way to create a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for guests. Some hotels may choose to play a mix of instrumental and vocal music, while others may opt for a specific genre or theme. It is important for hotels to consider the volume and type of music that they play, in order to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests. Fill our contact us form and we will be happy to hear about your background music solution project in Dubai, UAE.

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