AR Experience with Virtual Makeup Try out’s available for all Makeup Categories.

Also available on Smart Mirrors in-stores

Virtual Makeup Try-on

Multiple product categories for virtual makeup try-on including lip color, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, foundation, and mascara, powered by advanced AI & AR beauty technology for realistic virtual makeovers.

Provide Shoppers a Safe Alternative to In-Store Makeup Testers

Consumers can 'try products before they buy', virtually as conventional in-store makeup samples are currently deemed unsafe and unsanitary.

We are helping businesses and consumers adapt to a post-COVID-19 world when it comes to trying out beauty products.

The more makeup categories shoppers try the more they can choose to buy. This can be enabled by the use of Smart QR Codes, Magic Mirrors, or Mobile Apps of the beauty brand. Empowering the Millennial Woman Shopper with Digital Ease in shopping.

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