Online shopping from the comfort of your own home is no doubt convenient, but there's always that lingering problem: not being able to try products on when it comes to clothing and footwear. In an attempt to remedy this, augmented reality technology is used to allow you to virtually try sneakers on to see what they look like on foot.

For E-Commerce Shoppers

  • Touchless experience
  • Drive 10X engagement & increase 2.5% sales conversions through your mobile apps
  • Remove out of stock objection & reduce returns
  • Drive traffic to physical store1

For In-store Shoppers

  • Build engaging experience in-store
  • Enable your sales teams
  • Great marketing tool

Revolutionizing the Way Retailers Sell

In a post-COVID-19 world, “zero-touch” hygienic retail is massively trending, which is hardly surprising since consumers are demanding retailer actions that will help slow the spread of the virus. Contactless commerce is a safer and more hygienic option that helps consumers overcome their current shopping anxieties. But it’s also an extraordinary tool that can accelerate changes in immersive retail, mobile payments, contactless pick-ups, and mobile-enabled virtual sizing solutions.

Also available on Smart Mirrors in-stores


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