Makeup SDK

Brands build mobile and web apps from scratch or integrate Face AR 3D into their existing mobile apps by using SDK for all makeup categories. This lets them introduce real-time AR shopping for customers.

  • A vast range of Makeup Categories available like Lipstick, eyelashes, eyeshadows, eyeliner and foundation, hair and eye recolor
  • Automatic fitting with precise face segmentation
  • Natural beautification for a better user experience
  • All colors and shades adjusted for lighting
  • Real-time or photo post-processing
  • Makeup recommendation based on skin and hair color detection

Why SDK?

Drive app engagement
Increase user's session time
Tune-in to the Post Covid lifestyle
Analyze customer product preferences
Wow & Delight shoppers


Smart Phones

Compatible with IOS & Andriod

− Try multiple looks instantly
− Offer a safe & engaging experience
− Improved shopper journey
− Get product recommendations
− Checkout instantly


Works on All Screen Sizes

− Designed to work on all types of devices
− Built with the latest AI technology
− Help increase dwell time & trigger impulse buy
− Improved shopper journey
− Embed Social Sharing

Custom Screens

Embed Magic Mirror Experience

− Turn your mirrors into virtual try-on stations
− Shoppers can try multiple looks instantly
− Covid friendly & safe experience
− Hand gestures to control movement
− Customized Checkout Journeys

The future of retail is here. Explore the possibilities now

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