7 features your guest Wi-Fi must have for 2023

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The ability to gather feedback from customers

guest Wi-Fi Collect Customer Feedback

Information gathered at the point of experience is 40% more accurate than feedback gathered as quickly as 24 hours later. Use your Guest Wi-Fi to gather quick and relevant feedback from your live customer base in your venue via access journey or email after their visit. You could either use a specific feedback form or an NPS survey, to get an overall picture of your customers’ feedback.

Integration with your existing CRM software

Guest WiFi integration with CRM

Make life easier for yourself by ensuring your Guest WiFi is connected to your existing CRM systems to ensure a single source of truth for all your customer data including their marketing preferences, demographics, social interests, previous purchases and more.
Examples of this could be Salesforce, Dotdigital or Mailchimp etc.

Multilingual options and splash pages

76% of people prefer products in their own language and your guest Wi-Fi will be no different. With a dynamic splash page that changes automatically to the language of the users’ phone or mobile device, you can create a more welcoming place for your visitors.

Personalized splash pages for visitors

customized social login

Visitors want a great experience in your venue from the start to the end of their visit. Greet returning visitors personally using your WiFi to continue your brand experience using personalized splash pages. Ensure your WiFi can provide a dynamic venue or user name on your splash pages to welcome “Fred” to “My Cafe”, even if they’ve previously visited another of your sites.

Tailored splash pages for visitors

Tailor your splash page designs or access journeys for visitors, with a sophisticated guest WiFi network you could show a different access journey for new or repeat customers, you could show a different promotion based on demographics or even a different splash page on the weather.

Customizable terms and opt-in for data protection compliance

Data protection compliance is crucial for your organization. In order to comply fully with local data protection laws, you may need the ability to customize your terms and conditions for full data transparency to your end users. A customizable marketing opt-in text allows you to ensure you meet local data compliance requirements, while keeping your messaging on brand and enticing for your visitors, as well as giving you the option to trial different wording to measure conversions.

Custom fields for specific information gathering

Use custom fields on your login splash pages in order to specify exactly the information you’d like from your visitors. This creates a new level of insight, as you can collect data that is most relevant to your objectives.

Examples of questions could be “have you heard about our loyalty app?”, or “who are you
visiting with today?”
to create actionable insights for your venue.

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