Visitor Analytics for the Physical World

Gain Insights into the movement of People inside your Physical Spaces.
Improve business efficiency by understanding your visitor behaviour,
optimize operations, reduce overhead costs and opportunity losses.

for retailers, shopping malls and event companies



We help Retailers under people movement and people traffic behaviours in stores by offering consulting and solutions to answer the various KPI's. 
Clients are enabled by ready to consume Data Analytics that are built by collecting data over several IoT devices. We have successfully helped 100’s of Retailers across the Middle East and Dubai in adapting the apt solutions for their environment and settings.

Retail Data Analytics

  • 15+ Real-time Reports
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • Drill down for deeper insight
  • Access to any store data at anytime
  • Investigate and identify issues based on customer behaviour patterns
  • Use data to support your business decision
  • Customise your own dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Unlimited user access
  • Agile and user friendly


Visitor Count Analytics

Count the number of people entering, exiting and passing by your stores with 98% accuracy, in real time. People Counting using powerful algorithms.

Customer Loyalty and Visit Pattern Analysis

Personalise Customer Experience by identifying and understanding your loyal shoppers through customer counting data gathered by the people counting solution.

Visit Duration and Dwell Time

Understand how much time a visitor or shopper is spending inside your physical store in real time.  Our people counting device analyses this data with reporting.

Outside Traffic

Count the number of people passing by your stores who do not  enter your store.  Tie it down to a Marketing Campaign and measure Turn In rates.

Cross Shopping Behaviour

If you are a Retail Group then you can understand how much shoppers are engaged in your portfolio. You can now measure cross-shopping across all your stores using people counting device.

Footfall to Sales Conversions Ratios

Is your Footfall getting converted to Sales? Integrate your ERP or POS Data to measure footfall to sales conversion ratios. 

Increase Sales Conversion Rates

Make fast decisions that translate into immediate business results with the help of Araya's Business Intelligence Platform



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