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People Counting with Footfall + WiFi Analytics
Guest WiFi - Social Analytics and Marketing
Magic Mirror - One Mirror with Multiple Apps
Background Music & Radio Solutions
Live Social Media Walls

for Retailers, Individual Stores, Shopping Malls, Public Spaces, Events and Hospitality Industry

Until recently, the retail industry has only scratched the surface in deploying new, innovative retail technologies to better reduce friction in shopper journeys. Today’s proliferation of IoT technologies, combined with value-added applications, now allow retailers to thoughtfully and purposely create shopper-centric stores of the future.  We are speaking about understanding your customers, creating unique experiences for them and integrating  data from your multiple systems like POS, ERP and non-systems like Video, Wifi devices, Bluetooth Beacons to give you a holistic overview of the physical space performance.

Measure in-store performances by embedding footfall counting & wi-fi analytics

Empower marketing teams to understand store and venue performance
Real time analytics at your fingertips for quick decision making

Purple turns insight into action

Delight your customers and deliver return on investment to your
business with Purple, the global leader in guest WiFi analytics
Guest Wifi - Wifi Analytics - Engagement Tools - Wifi Marketing
Over 30,000,000 Users Worldwide

Magic Mirror
Innovative - Interactive - Engaging


Virtual reality apps for virtual dressing, eyewear try ons

No more boring changing rooms.
Time to excite and delight your in-store shoppers

Creating a connected retail experience that meets the demand of the new digital shoppers. Virtual fitting brings the convenience and speed of the online experience into store, allowing shoppers to quickly ‘try-on’ tons of outfit and find the items that suit them most where they could call for store assistant to get them the real items.

Focusing on experience, not inventory

In the Connected Store, customer experience is at the forefront. Spaces that are brand coherent, helpful store associates, engaging and/or interactive digital content, the ability for customers to get what they need when and how they need it. In the Connected Store, it’s less about how much inventory is available and more about creating a memorable, frictionless visit with a personalized follow-up post store visit.



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Background music solutions.

 To us, it’s not just background music

Background music for your venue.

We make background music awesome.

Whatever your industry or venue type, we can provide you with a background music solution to meet your needs. If you want a non-interactive system to just playback profiled, regularly updated music in your store or a fully interactive system playing different music, video and on-screen media in each different area of your shopping centre or hotel, we can provide you with a fully managedfully licenced solution.

Social media wall solutions.

#hashtag campaigns for your brand across all social channels
#facebook, #twitter, #instagram
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